Monday, July 30, 2012

Apps I Love

There are apps (applications) for my iPhone that I love.  I'm getting to be a tightwad, so I'm guaranteeing you that most of them are free; at most, I might have paid 99 cents.  (Big spender, I know.)

*Instagram-  I love this photo sharing app. You can take pictures with your phone and it posts them to a website so other people can see them. (I also have the option of putting them on Facebook.)  I follow several people and enjoy seeing their photos.  Here was a photo I took with Instagram yesterday:
I might be a bit obsessed with rain clouds right now.  We are dry and incredibly hot.  Scary dry and hot.  I took this photo out of the window of the car as we were driving.  Not bad for a phone camera, eh?

*Restaurants- This handy app lists a lot of popular restaurants. I can search a restaurant's menu for the calories, protein, fat, carbs, and fiber of a particular food on their menu. 

*RunKeeper- I just added this one, but I think I am going to love it.  I choose the activity:  walking, biking, running, etc. and just start.  It keeps track of how far I am going, my pace, and calories burned.  It will play the music from my phone.  I can set it every so often so it can coach me and tell me how long I've been at it and how far I have gone. And it saves the information so that I can chart my progress.  Pretty cool.

*Nook-  This app allows me to read the books I have downloaded on my Nook.  If I forget my Nook, I can still read my books on my phone.  (It also asks me if I want to jump to the last page I was reading, even when I was reading on my Nook!) Pretty slick!

*Pinterest-  Allows me to access my boards from my phone.  I can show a haircut to my stylist, find the ingredients I need for a recipe or items I need for a craft.  You can do all the things on this App that you can do on the computer website.    

I couldn't get by without two apps that come with the phone:  Notes and Reminders. I use them two different ways.  

These are some of the different lists I have on Notes:  To-do, Groceries, Menus for the week, Music to buy, Books to read, and Quotes.  Yes, I'm that person you see wandering around the store, looking at their phone.  I'm not texting.  I'm checking my list and erasing what I have already added to my cart. 

I use Reminders to remember the shade of my lipstick and root touch-up color, ink cartridge numbers for my printer, the kind of DVD's I need to buy when I need to burn an iMovie, and the passwords for a couple of games I have on my phone.  I don't set alarms for any of these reminders.  I just know the information is at my fingertips when I need it.  

So, there is my advertisement for other benefits I get from my iPhone; I mean besides calling!  I know there is a new phone coming out this fall.  I think I'll stick with the one I have.  I love it. (Oh, and I'm cheap enough that I don't want to spend the money on a new phone!) 

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A said...

instagram is one of my favorites!! i'm also on a blog reader one often to keep caught up on my favorite blogs. others i frequent are (obsessed with knowing the weather in portland, nyc, ks, and alaska!!), pinterest, facebook (i want to delete it but can't bring myself to doing it!!), and my most recent obsession... a craigslist ap!! :)