Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farmer's Markets and You Pick Orchards

Last Friday, we went to Big City to spend some time with L.  Since CT, K, and the Lady Bug were going too, we talked CT into taking his truck and loading it with a couch, table, and baker's rack for L's apartment.  Our garage and basement are a bit lighter!

If you remember from last summer, L lives on the 3rd floor.  Ugh!  The Mr. had surgery, ruling out his carrying anything.  One of my crazy cousins lives in L's neighborhood.  He also runs a local moving business.  The Mr. gave him a call, and he came to our rescue.  He helped us move the couch up three flights in 103 temperatures.  Bless.His.Heart.  We don't see him often enough. (Only when L is moving?!)  I think we need a return trip to actually spend some time with crazy cousin! Love that guy; he is so funny! 

That evening, we had a slumber party at L's.  Even in her small apartment, nobody was on the floor.  L gave up her bed to the Bug's parents who haven't been sleeping much.  Buggy is a light and restless sleeper.  Auntie L was on Buggy patrol all night. (And I'm pretty sure took a nap all afternoon!)

After L's breakfast burritos, we made a trip to the Big City's version of a Farmer's Market.  Holy cow!  Not quite like Tiny Town's!
L was a bit overwhelmed without her usual shopping list.  (She will be making a week's worth of menus and a list before her next trip, trust me.)
I bought sweet corn, strawberries, blueberries, honey, and Italian pizza crusts for the grill.  BUT... I could have looked all morning.
The flowers were beautiful.  This balloon guy was having a good time.  A lady was singing for tips, and there were artists drawing sidewalk portraits.  The Lady Bug was completely entertained.  She might be just a bit nosy. 
Oh, and we might have had a cupcake at 8:30 in the morning.  Yikes!  Darn those things were good!

We left L and headed to an orchard to pick peaches and blackberries.  The fruit had been three weeks early this year, so we were almost on the end of the blackberry season.  The Mr. and the Bug sat this one out.  Bug finished her morning nap.  (I think her Papa might have, too.) 

It was a fun weekend, and we have been enjoying a lot of fresh produce on Easy Street.  (Today, I need to freeze a few of our purchases so that we can enjoy them for awhile.) 

There's nothing like the summer produce fresh from the gardens.  And since we elected not to feed the deer this summer, we are buying at the produce markets.  Fortunately, buying at Farmer's Markets is almost as much fun as eating it! 


Kim said...

We had plans to go to a farmers' market in Topeka last weekend, but a temperature canceled those plans. Maybe next time! I loved the beautiful photos. It looks like you all had fun.

Beth said...

That is quite a farmers' market! I imagine the one in Columbus is a lot like it. I've not been to it, but have heard wonderful stories. In all the hoopla of the storm, I missed out on going to ours (some did show up), so we are poor on produce this week and since I'm eating healthy to feel better and losing weight, my body is scolding me right now.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I've never been able to help my daughter move in (Texas is a bit far from Ohio), but I have helped my son and found it fun and rewarding.
The Bug is adorable! Such a cute outfit too!:>)

Relyn said...

I'll take three huge bunches of those sunflowers please.