Sunday, July 15, 2012

Infirmary Update

Yes, Easy Street is part Infirmary these days. 

K was bouncing from whatever she had when the Bug started running a fever, coughing, and acting lethargic.  (So un-Bug like!)  Now, K is on round two of the same stuff. I think they are passing it back and forth, though the Lady Bug is cutting teeth to add to her fun. 

L is another story.  After Field Day in May, she woke the next morning with a swollen, painful ankle.  They sent her to the doctor who found nothing, but told her to give it a rest for awhile.  She has been having trouble ever since. 

Finally, they sent her to doctor #2.  After an MRI, they found a partially torn ligament in her ankle.  She is on crutches now, can't put weight on it for 10 days, and can do no exercise for three weeks. (Though walking on crutches is quite a workout!) A third story apartment is a bit of a problem. 

She spent one day going crazy and decided to come to Tiny Town where Mom and Pop can provide company and help.  (Her genius of a father has her using the rolling desk chair to get around the house.)  Oh, and getting to see the Bug is an added bonus!  Well, it will be if she and her mother ever get to feeling a bit more chipper.

The Mr. and I seem to be the healthy ones around here.  Now there's a change of pace!  

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Relyn said...

Here's hoping you all feel better soon.