Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

We had a nice time at the reunion yesterday.  The Bug didn't do too bad, considering it was during her nap time.
She spent time with a couple of her second cousins.  Notice the cute hair bow.
The rest of the day looked more like this.
She won't wear a hair bow, but the brother's name tag stuck to her forehead--no big deal. Silly girl is right.

I am trying to get rid of an earache--allergy related, I'm sure.  We could use some rain to settle the dust and maybe that would help.  With 100+ temperatures, I doubt a freeze is in the picture.

This morning, K and I left for our morning walk/run, only to be met by a skunk about 20 steps from the house.  Lovely.  Ugh!  It must have been a busy evening for skunks, as most of the town reeked.

Today, I am getting ready to leave for three days of conferences on the Core Standards:  laundry, packing, and cleaning a bit. The next three days will be full of a lot of work, but hopefully the evenings will mean some fun time with colleagues.

And that is the news this Monday.  A busy week ahead but a quiet week on Easy Street, unless Baxter or the Mr. takes up blogging--and then, it will be anybody's guess.  (And quite frightening!)

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Beth said...

I would love to hear any good tips from the meetings. I hope they are productive and not too hard on the rear end! Ha!