Thursday, July 5, 2012

Story Time At The Library

I belong to a group that takes care of a Children's Story Time at our local library.  Today, I read with another member of our group--and am quite thankful that L was on hand to read, too.  (Those Kindergarten/1st grade teachers really know how to engage kids!)

The theme this year:  Dream Big.  That covers sleeping, dreaming, nightmares, nighttime, and planning a future.  We kind of went with going to bed, dreaming, and nighttime animals.

We ended with one of Lady Bug's new books: "Owl Babies."  (Courtesy of LBB.  And now thanks to him, I am hunting a couple of other books that sound like fun.)  By the way, this was the Bug's first Story Time, and she was very well behaved!

At the end of story time, they made their own Owl Babies to take home.  (Oh, and I might have finally given the Bug her book from LBB.  Nana Coco was slow giving it up.)

Cutting out circles for eyes, triangles for noses, and tearing white paper for bodies--  Oh, the effort and the expense!  You're pretty amazed by my artistic ability, aren't you? 

Downright frightening.

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joyce said...

Actually, I think the paper tearing of the bodies rather than cutting looks really good. I still remmeber taking my oldest to a story group under a tree at some kind of festival, he was too young and the reader was reluctant to have him join in but I convinced her that he was able to sit still and listen. They always say to read to your kids to instill a love of books, we read tons to our kids when they were young and neither one of them would willingly pick up a book for pleasure if their lives depended on it, despite the fact that our house is full of books in almost every room.
"Goodnight Moon" is a good one for your topic, although I'm sure you know that, also, "Papa please get the moon for me" by Eric Carle was a favourite.