Monday, July 2, 2012

Strange Days

Such a good weekend, which I will eventually write about. 

Yesterday, I took a friend to music theater. We had a good time, but I arrived home to find that another former student had died.  She was 37, and so far no one seems to know much, except she died overnight. Actually, that is wrong.  She died at age 36.  Today was her birthday.

She was wickedly funny when she was 16.  I always figured she would be a comedian.  My class was happy to play the audience for her comedy routines.  I had lost touch with her, and then reconnected on Facebook a few years ago.  I got to see the grown-up, Mom version of that funny 16 year old.   

Once again, I feel a bit sick.  I'm especially sorry for her three kids. 

To top it off, a friend's mother died.  She'd been bad for awhile, but that doesn't make it easier.  We are headed to the visitation tonight.

Today has just been a weird day for me.  I've been working on next fall's show, but my mind quickly returns to some young kids missing their mom and a friend missing her mom. 

And then I miss my mom.  But I remember...

Tomorrow, L is coming.  I'm also babysitting the Bug so her mom and auntie can go to a movie. The Bug and I will eat Rocket Pops and play "throw-things-off-and-drive-Coco-crazy."  She'll love on Baxter, and she'll "play" the piano.  My mom's piano.

Life goes on. 

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Princess Kate said...

Thursday marks the 8th anniversary of my father's death. I've been uneasy all week and I think that's why. Enjoy the bug and laugh a lot. It's good medicine for the soul. Sorry for all your bad news lately. Positive thoughts coming your way.