Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Do you take any dietary supplements?

I have taken dietary supplements before.  I took Glucosamine, hoping that it would help my joints as I aged. (I couldn't tell a difference, so I don't take it any more.)   I've taken Omega 3 Fish Oil for several years.  I know Omega 3's are supposed to be healthy for you, and I doubt I eat enough fish to get to that point. Even my Optometrist recommends Omega 3's. 

For the most part, I have relied on prescription medicine.  Only recently, I have tried to eliminate some prescription medicine and rely on dietary supplements to maintain health.

Two years ago, a Dr. wanted me to do the lab work to check my Vitamin D levels.  (Vitamin D is needed for bone density.)  When I went for the test, the lab told me that if I was deficient in Vitamin D my insurance provider would pay for the lab work; however, if I wasn't deficient, I would have to pay for it out of pocket.  ($250+)  I refused the lab work and began taking a daily dose of Vitamin D. (I didn't think I was probably deficient anyway.  I like being outside, and sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D.)

This spring, I started taking ALC/ALA for energy and mental focus.  I have been on some anti-anxiety medicine twice in the last six years, once shortly after the stroke and then again after the tornado.  I wanted off of it.  After reading up on it, ALC/ALA seemed like it would do what I needed.

You can see the bottle says it promotes memory.  I can tell a difference when I forget to take it.  I feel tired and a bit brain foggy. 
The final supplement that I added this summer is cinnamon capsules.
Cinnamon is supposed to help you metabolize sugar.  With a family history of diabetes/blood sugar issues and a terrible sweet tooth, I figured it was about time I started paying attention to this part of my DNA.

That is all I'm taking right now, but in the next few weeks I will be adding another.

I've complained about hot flashes and night sweats on here before.  After a stroke, hormones are definitely not happening.  If the disrupted sleep patterns continue, I will take the supplement Melatonin.  The Dr. suggested this to help me get a good night's sleep. 

So if they could help me with sleeping, how about hot flashes?  Yeah.  They have nothing safe for me.  (I want to say:  "They got nothin'."  It just sounds bad for an English teacher to say that!)  The only advice:  cut out the caffeine.  Noooooooo!  Yeah, it stinks!
So that is the latest on Easy Street.  I'm cutting back on caffeine, but right now I don't see cutting it out completely.  We'll see how miserable I am when school starts.

Better yet, we'll see how miserable the students are!  They might be begging me to get back on the caffeine bandwagon!


joyce said...

Every time i go off my prescriptions I go wonky so I try to stay on them. I do have omega-3 that i take maybe once a month, and glucosamine that my dog gets more of than I do (he had knee surgery) I guess I just don't care about my body, which will likely shave a few years off of my lifespan.

Scriptor Senex said...

Hot flushes are not unique to the female of the species and I have them quite badly. They seem worse when I increase my various supplements. They occur about half an hour after taking them. (My prescription meds are so many that I rattle.) I reckon a hot flush is worth it if the supplements really are doing me good. But I don't know how you tell with most of them except that your blood level and hair analysis levels improve. I suspect most of them are not likely to give one a better feeling day by day but just a longer, slightly healthier life.

holybovine said...

So...if I continue eating Red Hots, Jolly Rancher Fire Sticks and Hot Tamales, I should be OK, right???