Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Uncensored At Last

Every time we rearrange a room and move the television, the Mr. will have to spend an hour or more on the phone with the Dishnet people.  Nothing is easy when you work with satellite.  We'd use the local cable, but this is Tiny Town.  Local cable stinks, so an hour it is. 

Not only does local cable stink, I am convinced that our local water could kill us.  I hate the taste of it.  Water filters are a necessity.  I bought a water cooler and we haul our drinking water five gallons at a time.  Crazy, and a pain, but our tea and coffee are normal colored and no filmy residue.  It is sooo worth it!

Did I mention that we have to drive to get drinking water?  Tiny Town doesn't have a grocery store.  We haven't for over five years.  We drive ten miles to get to a store.  It isn't far, just a pain. 

For another of those life is sometimes a pain things...blogs get spam comments.  It is interesting to look at the spam.  Do you know which of my posts has had the most spam?  A post with the title "Auld Lang Syne."  No other post is even close.  For every 10 spam comments, 9 of them are for that particular post.  What's with that?  Some kind of "code" that gets them going?  Who the heck knows?  It is weird. 

Finally, I might have left off one important detail to an earlier blog: Just Love Saturday Nights.  The West Point Nephew's Cookout...
also ended up being an engagement celebration.  (A surprise engagement celebration at that!) WP Nephew had popped the question the night before, and she said "Yes!"  A sweet nephew, an adorable girlfriend- now fiance, a beautiful diamond, and I promised not to tell until they had announced to the families.  Whew!  Good thing they were quick.  I can only keep a secret so long! Especially when it is good news! 

Uncensored.  At last.  Yep, those two days almost killed me! 


Cousins said...

WWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT????? Well you can be SURE the "GREAT AUNT HORNS" weren't working these past few days! THIS is the first I've heard about the engagement!! What ELSE have I not been informed of is NOW the question??? :o/ This girl is VERY LUCKY marrying into OUR FAMILY.....right??!! CONGRATS to CrAzY cousin H!!! LOVE you my CrAzY Cousin!

joyce said...

I live in a tinytown too, but at least we do have a corner store, a gas station, a pub and a fishing/hunting store. What more do we need? The bigger tinytown is only a 15 minute drive away. We have been blessed with soft water, but there are lots of areas around here that are not.

Uncensored and let it all hang out is good for the soul.