Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And We're Off...

Today is our first day with students.  We saw a few of them yesterday at our "Freshman First and New Student Orientation," but the entire herd will be there today.

Am I ready?  Well, my name is on the board, and my desk is fairly clean.  I have stacks of things to hand out:  agendas, student handbooks, tonight's homework.  (Yes.  I know.  Only a MEAN teacher gives out homework on the first day.  I like that about myself!)

Biggest question of the day for me:  Will my new shoes kill my feet?  The jury is out on that one.  It's a short day, so that is in my favor.  (I'm packing an extra pair of shoes to be on the safe side!)

The first day is always a short one.  It gives the teacher's voices and feet time to adjust.

Sophomores:  sophos (wise) + moros (foolish)  Yep, that about sums it up!  And there will be 80 of those wise foolish people waiting for me today.


Beth said...

Please update us on how it went.
what is the homework---this fellow English teacher is curious.

Casie said...

Oh to be a Wise Foolish "child" again! ;) -- Good Luck!

And I hope your shoes treat you well!

Can't wait to hear stories about these crazy wise foolish kiddos!