Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Bax had an emergency visit to the Vet on Saturday.  He had been to the groomer in the morning and seemed like everything was fine.  In the late afternoon, I noticed something strange on the floor.  To make a long story short and a bit tidier, he had a ruptured anal gland.  The infection in the area was pretty bad.  So now...

Antibiotics and pain pills...and a $45 charge added to our bill for an "emergency" visit.  Lovely.

Bax?  Even though he had to be hurting, we would never have known.  There was no whining or lethargy.  Just the same old jumping and playing from the little fur ball. 

He goes back to see the Vet in three weeks and has to be monitored pretty closely for awhile to make sure the gland heals correctly. 

What causes it?  The Vet said they aren't sure, but it is more typical in small dogs.  That's it. 

He is such a happy little dog. We're going to have to watch him to make sure the infection doesn't return.  Doing without an anal gland isn't something that I want to think about...!

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holybovine said...

When Punk and Phil got into it and Punk had an ear stitched and an eye removed, Punk never whined. Can you imagine the pain had that happened to you? The vet says dogs go into a shock mode that numbs the pain.