Friday, August 24, 2012


And L is home.  She is every bit as sick as I thought she was.  And that is after four days of medicine and breathing treatments.  (She said she is glad I didn't see her on Sunday and Monday.)  I'm still not sure she doesn't belong in the hospital, but she thinks she is a lot better than she was. (Scares me to think how bad she was.)

Hopefully, the TLC will make her feel better and back to normal soon.  Hot tea, Gatorade, orange juice, and lots of water are on the menu for the next few days.  

Right now, I'm just so glad she is home.  And I hope she's never this sick again!


FlowerLady said...

What a time L has had! I do hope she is soon well and back to school.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cousins ~ I know exactly what Little L is going through! I had MORE than my fair share last year with that crud! Hope she is up and feeling better in the next few days ~ HOME can sometimes be the best medicine there is! xoxox J

Anonymous said...

You always seem to have some
"extra stressor" in your life at the beginning of the school year (as if starting a new school year isn't enough stress)! Prayers for you and L and a speedy recovery!! BJB