Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lady Bug's First Birthday

A year ago, I was here.

And today is the Bug's 1st birthday.  She's walking and running, talking (Papa, Dog, Deer, Hi, Uh Oh, Dada, Mama, and once in a great while Nana), and showing how old she is.   She waves backwards, feeds herself (!), and gives very sloppy kisses.

Did I mention that she claps and laughs when their car drives up to our house?  I love how happy she is to see us! 

Grandkids are pretty much the best.

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Bug!  I don't think one little girl could be any more loved than you are!


Beth said...

Happy Birthday to the Bug!
There is nothing that can add sunshine to a day faster than a grandchild!
Thanks for the lesson plan! I love it and will definitely use it!:>)

Kim said...

Happiest of birthdays to the Lady Bug! Isn't it amazing how much they change in the first year? Enjoy the celebration!

Cousins said...

happy first birthday laney sue....... we love you!

joyce said...

Happy birthday to the Bug!!