Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mini Vaca

This is the last weekend before school starts for me on Monday.  Our anniversary is on Tuesday, so the Mr. and I are on a mini vacation. 

We left Baxter with K and the Buggy.  Listening to the Bug giggling last night on the phone (she was chasing him), Bax is not going to be happy to see us on Sunday.

So far, I have enjoyed ice cream (German Chocolate-yum!), a hot tub, and the hotel treadmill.  Oh, and we might have spent some time in a Toys R Us, shopping for a little girl's first birthday.

We have no specific plans, except for a Sunday matinee of "Legally Blonde"- the musical. 

Enjoying this last weekend of my summer.  The pace is perfect.  The race will begin on Monday!

PS.  Here is the photo K and the Bug sent me this morning after Bax's walk.  I think he might have found the sprinklers in the neighborhood.
It's official:  this is a mini vaca for the Bax, too.

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joyce said...

How does one enjoy a treadmill??