Monday, August 6, 2012

My Last Week of Summer

A week from today, school starts for teachers.  We have two Inservice days and then the kids join us next Wednesday.  Besides getting my room together, I want to do some "summer" things to end my vacation.

For a good start, I'm watching the Bug today. Her sitter had to take the day off.  Between her teething and my neck cramping, it could get interesting!  (My neck was better yesterday; I'm praying it is even better today.) 

Besides getting in a morning walk, I'm hoping we get in a little pool time today.  She loves the water, and I need the sunshine.

Otherwise, all I want from the week is some ice cream, Happy Hours, a movie or two, and a getaway with the Mr. to end the week.

Relaxation and fun.  That's what I want from my last week of summer.

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joyce said...

Your school starts awfully early....ours doesn't start until after the Labour Day weekend in Sept. I thought the States was the same, is TinyTown on a different schedule?
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