Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture This

I am spending the day in L's kindergarten room today.  This is the first day she can get in.  AND...she's still on crutches.

She has been working on school things all summer in her apartment.  I'm hauling it all into school and helping her set up as much of her room as I can in one day.  I know she'll be working the rest of the week, but I'm getting her started. (There's only so much a girl on crutches can do!)

You might be able to picture this.  She'll be the one on crutches, wearing a boot. I'll be the one in running shoes. 

Together, we hope to make a big dent.

1 comment:

Casie said...

Good Luck! I'm sure her room will be as cute as she is! What a good mom to go and help! Mom's are the BEST!