Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sick Kids

Why is it we worry as much about our sick adult kids as we did our sick little kids?  And why is it that even when we are sick as an adult, we still want our mom? 

The Mr. is driving to Big City to bring L home for a long weekend.  Her breathing machine is making the trip with her.  Maybe by the end of the weekend, she will have her voice back and feel at least 80% better.  (She really wants to go back to school on Monday. I know that she has been worrying about her classroom, and that doesn't help her recovery one bit.) 

TLC time for one worn out kid.


Kim said...

In some ways, I think it's harder for them to be grown up and too far away to help (or hug). Hoping that this weekend's round of TLC is just what the doctor ordered for L to feel better!

holybovine said...

No doubt the entire family will feel better with L coming home for TLC. Hugs to you, Cuz.

A said...

Glad to hear you guys are bringing her home to recovery and be taken care of! I cannot imagine how stressful it is for her with it being the beginning of the school year!!! I hope she doesn't worry too much - I am sure when she gets in her classroom it will take her no time to get things squared away and on track for a great year!

Beth said...

Well, you know no one can take care of you like mom! She and you both will feel better at being together. Will pray for a recovery that gets her back where she wants to be on Monday--at school.

Relyn said...

This reminds me of my favorite mother in law story. I got sick shortly after we had moved to Oregon near my in laws and far from my own parents. When my MIL asked me what would make me feel better I said, "My Mom. She would always put her cold hands on my head and make me feel better." Don't you know, my sweet mother in law went to the freezer, grabbed some ice, got her hands cold and came back to put her cold hands on my head.

I hope everyone of your little chickees is feeling well soon.