Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

What am I thankful for?

Monday is over.

L made it through and was crashing at 4:00.  She was glad to be back.

I only have one student who wants to be called Luciffer.  (His spelling, not mine.)  He's actually a really sharp, artistic type.  Who knows??!!

K and and I survived our two mile run yesterday morning.

Sister-in-law A is walking with me on days I'm not running.  (It still helps to have a reason to get out of bed!)

The play scripts and music are coming in today, so I can finally advertise auditions now.

My pedicure makes me happy:  University color with Tiny Town mascot. 

My morning classes are wonderful and so quick to get busy.  My afternoon classes...not so much.  (Have I given up after lunch??  Does food make them wild??  Are they just waking up??)

I get to babysit the Bug after school!  Her mommy has to work late, and Daddy is at a meeting.  I'm picking her up and bringing her home.  Snacks and play at Nana's! 

Bax is doing better.  That is a story for tomorrow.  Be sure to eat before reading that blog post!

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A said...

mornings are always the best in an elementary classroom too. by afternoon, the class just loses it ;) i guess it doesn't change - even when they get into high school!