Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Tales

When the Bug and I went to the pool yesterday, it was a workout.  Actually, just getting the Buggy ready is a workout.

I slathered her in sunscreen, put on her swim diaper and swim suit, and gathered her swim bag.  I wrestled her into her car seat.  We drove the mile to the pool, and...

They were closed.  No note.  Nothing.  Just closed.

Well, now wasn't that fun?!  Good times.

Did I mention the girl is cutting about six teeth at one time?  That mouth!  Made me almost cry, looking at her gums.  In spite of that, she was really good.  She's just really on the move.  Unsteady walking is now unsteady running!

When she left, I took an hour nap and then drank a Bud Light Platinum.  Nana time can wear a Nana out! 

And that is my Tuesday Tale:  Bud Light Platinum.  I don't usually like beer.  This one has to be the champagne of beers!

Yes, I have found a beer that I like to drink.  And I went ahead and figured the calorie count in My Fitness Pal food diary. By the way, it isn't all that light-- 137 calories a bottle.

It was so worth it.


margie said...

oh oh. all the children and the grandchildren are arriving at the cottage this weekend. certain grandsons will be required to sleep in life jackets if this bubbly has her say. and of course rain in the forecast, hasn't rained the whole darn summer but this weekend it will. I see two. irons in my future.....

joyce said...

I bet you were frustrated! (I don't like beer at all, unless they come up with a beer that doesn't taste like beer, I guess I never will)