Saturday, August 4, 2012

Unexpected Twist

Yesterday, I expected to go to school and putter around getting my room back together.  I thought I might run off some copies I need, plug in my mini fridge, and organize things for the fall show.  I've got a lot of desk and counter things stored away that I need to drag out.

Instead, K called during my second cup of coffee and said the Lady Bug had thrown up.  Fridays are the Mr.'s day off, so he and I went and picked the Buggy up from the sitter's house.  We ended up babysitting all day.

The Bug wasn't feeling great.  She took three naps, ate little, and appeared to be cutting about five teeth at the same time.  However, she didn't throw up once while she was here. Whew!  (Grandparent's luck.  She threw up on the way home with her mama!)

We played a lot.  She loves playing "baby" with her mama's old doll.  She feeds her, burps her, kisses her, and then gives her a toss to the side.  She "cooks" a lot, and then when I pretend to eat it she looks at me like I've lost my mind.  We read, and we play several silly games where a mule falls through a crack or a fine lady jumps on a horse.  The Mr. swears she said "again" several times.  She loves falling through the crack. 

If I get really desperate, I pull out my iPhone and show her either a Baby Einstein video off YouTube or a slideshow of photos of her baby pictures.  Which does she love more?  You guessed it.  She never gets tired of looking at photos of herself. 

Now I'm down to four days to work at school, and today is one of them. So, I'm off!  Or I will be--after that 2nd cup of coffee.



Scriptor Senex said...

Hope she's better now. I remember teething - an awful time. Not me, you understand - the children. Thank heaven I don't recall my own teething. What a terrible thought...

joyce said...

I hope that when I have grandchildren, they live near by. you have so much fun with her!