Friday, September 14, 2012

At Last...

Friday!  This cool, cloudy weather has been wonderful. 

Of course, I think in my other life I might have been a butterfly. I really need a cocoon right now.  Oh, and a long sleep for a couple of months!

Tonight, I am babysitting the Bug.  She and Nana are having a girl's night.  She has learned all kinds of new words lately:  cracker, Baxter, Khalie, and mine.  She is little Miss Independent, opening cupboards and squatting to get a good look, bringing me things she isn't supposed to have, and running more than she walks.

Maybe we'll...

Build a tent with blankets.
Watch "Beauty and the Beast."  (That ought to last two minutes with her attention span!)
Read some books.
Take Baxter for a walk.
Play in the bathtub.

I'm sure we'll...

Watch the Buggy slide show on my phone.  (She loves photos of herself.)
Eat some crackers and grapes for a snack, and then the supper Papa put in the crock pot for us.
"Play" the piano.
And konk out to Baby Einstein's Mozart video from Youtube.

Just another CrAzY Friday night on Easy Street.  


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