Monday, September 10, 2012

HBO Shows, Hair Dressers, and Clerks

Things that make me go...???????

Why do clerks hand you your receipt, bills, and change all at the same time?  It is impossible to separate them into your wallet quickly. I fumble and drop coins.  Drives me crazy!

Why does Baxter go absolutely berserk during the first 10 minutes someone visits our house?  Finally, he settles down and acts like the normal dog he is, but first we have to endure insanity.  Argh!

I hate when I go 100 calories over and gain a pound; however, when I am 400 calories under, I stay exactly the same.   How is that fair?

Lately, I've been wondering how my hair dresser works the hours she does.  She doesn't work Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.  AND she only works after 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I'd like that schedule.  A lot. BUT...I have a heck of a time scheduling an appointment on her hours.

I've finally discovered where the good television shows are hiding:  you have to pay extra for HBO.  That is where the great television shows are located.  (My favorite?  Newsroom.)  I suppose when my three free months are up, I'm going to be very depressed!  Like we don't pay enough for cable and/or dish TV, let's put all the decent shows on a network you have to pay additional for.  Lovely!

Yep.  These are the weighty issues driving my world right now.  Pathetic.  I know!

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holybovine said...

It aggravates me when I watch the Grammy's and all of the tv shows nominated are from HBO or other channels I don't get on the basic cable package. You might be able to catch them on Hulu or Crackle or HBO's website.