Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late Cards

My students get three late cards a semester.  If they "forget" to turn in an assignment, they can attach a late card and turn the zero into a grade.  It's kind of a like a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.  Some kids used them all in the first three weeks.  *sigh!

Why do I tell you this?  I think I could use a few late cards myself.

Slow getting papers back.  Late card.
Forget a birthday?  Late card.
Haven't visited a favorite blog?  Late card.

Yeah, I am totally teaching my students an unrealistic expectation.  Life doesn't give late cards.  Sure, I can be late--but there are penalties.  (The boss frowns, feelings get hurt, etc.) Only in English II Land are there no penalties for being late.  Well, at least the first three times.

Mini grant time is around the corner, and I doubt know they don't take late cards!  Time for Mrs. E to kick it into gear. 

1 comment:

Casie said...

I need like 45 of those late cards Mrs. E.... You will catch up... you will!!!!