Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teacher Gets Arrested For Stealing Purses

Seriously, that could have been the headline.

Monday night at rehearsal, my two students rehearsing needed to record their songs and each had left their phones/iPods in their vehicles.  So they could keep working with the music director, I volunteered to run out to their cars and get them.  They gave me the keys, described their vehicles and I was on a mission.

Seriously, how many cars can be in the parking lot at 7 at night?  Not many.

The girl told me her purse was on the front seat in her gray car.  I see the car, unlock the door (I think), and grab the purse.  I cross the street, and grab the guy's phone out of his console.  As I'm locking his truck, I realize that I didn't hear the girl's car lock when I pressed her remote.  I walk back toward it and try to re-lock it.  That's when I hear a car horn (indicating the car locked) about 25 yards away.  I wasn't unlocking or locking her car with that remote.

Yep, wrong car.  Wrong purse.  (And who leaves their purse on the front seat in an unlocked car?)

That could have been bad.  All I could see was the headline in the paper.

(I also wouldn't mind seeing the surveillance video.  I'm pretty sure the expression on my face was priceless.)

I'm still snickering.

PS.  I put the wrong purse back into the wrong car.  (As quickly as I could!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, my what an adventure! I would have loved to seen your LBB's face, though, if you would have been arrested and had to go through his courtroom!! BJB

Casie said...

This whole time I thought you were going to say that 'you' caught someone stealing purses out of cars in the parking lot... not that 'YOU' were the STEALER of the purses!!!! LOL

joyce said...

LOL....that is hilarious! I do wonder if you'd have been able to talk your way out of that one had you been "caught"! So those annoying car horn beeps really are good for something. And you're right, even in Tinytowns like ours, where cars are more often than not left unlocked, purses are not left on the front seat.

Life in a Small Town said...

What are the chances?? :)
That girl/woman is lucky you're the one who got her purse...did you lock her door or leave it unlocked?