Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Happy And Not So Happy Thoughts

I didn't see tears after casting.  (Of course, there might have been them, but I didn't see them!)

The plan after school is to wash that gray right out of my hair.  I can't see my regular stylist, and probably won't see her again until after the show is done.  But the gray will be gone.

I haven't seen the Bug in over a week.  I'm going through withdrawal!  I think she needs her Nana!  She even has new teeth I haven't seen!

I'm nursing a sore throat.  Allergies?  I'm not really sure, but...!

The Mr. started swimming at the Y again.  He leaves the house about 5:15, while I'm out running.  AND...he still starts coffee for me.  It is so nice to get back from a run and smell coffee brewing.  He is the best!

I am buried in paper right now.  Time for Mrs. E to catch up on grading and filing.  Being behind on both is a deadly combination!

Sure sign I have too much on my plate:

I could not get my VCR/DVD at school to work.  I had a videotape that I needed to show my classes.  I am having some other technology problems, so I figured this was related and asked for help.  The tech guy comes in, pulls out all the cords and checks all the wiring.  He couldn't figure out what was happening, and then...voila!

It helps if you rewind the tape.  *sigh*  Yep, I'm pretty sure my tech guy loves me.  (Well, at least I make him laugh!)


Cousins said...

And can we ALL SAY....Mirror, Mirror on the wall....You ARE your Aunt Clarice after all!!

Mrs. E said...

I take that as a compliment! Sweetest lady I know--and a barrel of fun!