Sunday, September 23, 2012

Way Behind

I am behind in blogging world:  writing and reading. 

Still teaching English and always grading.  Still directing a musical with 40 high school students, and then 20 younger kids joining us for a big production number.  Still have red lumps on the left side of my face.  They are small and almost unnoticeable, look like bites, and sting like someone is jabbing needles in my face.  Good times.  I'm seeing a new Doctor this week.

But, just so you don't think my life is all bad... I also get this!

The Bug does this every time she sees her Papa or me.  She snuggles in on our shoulders and just hugs us.  She doesn't let go.  Sometimes she pats our backs.  It is the sweetest thing ever, especially since K and CT say she doesn't do it for them.  As you can tell by the scrapes, she is one of those 100% on-the-go-stop-for-nothing kind of girls-- until any of her four grandparents show up, and then she is all cuddles.  Great fun!!  (Does she know how to work us or what?!)
When we took Baxter for a run at the park Saturday evening, the T's pulled in behind us.  That means we got to play on the slides and watch the Bug giggle with Baxter.  The Bug doesn't like the swings.  (Motion sickness like Auntie L and her Nana??)

Sunday morning, CT and the Mr. went to check out some hunting ground.  K and the Buggy invited me over.  I'd just made coffee, so I loaded it into a thermos and went for a couple of hours of visiting.  K managed to get some cleaning and laundry done, while the Bug and I read Barnyard Dance, Baby Owls, and some book about things that hop--all of which I read several times.  Those books are well loved.  I bet they get read four or five times a day.  (Shades of her mother at that age!)

Lately, whenever I pull out my camera to take pictures, this is what I get:
She loves to make faces at herself in the camera.  Lovely.  Only one, but going on 15.

In spite of being behind in grading or the hectic pace of the show, there are some pretty great moments.  No complaints this weekend!


Mary Cooper said...

I can't believe how big she is! What a cutie pie!

Casie said...

Sounds like a PERFECT weekend to me!! :)

holybovine said...

Sounds oh, so familiar and wonderful. She's adorable! Get well soon!