Friday, October 5, 2012


I am taking the teaching students to U town to tour the University with Education majors.  The idea of looking around campus, finding a cup of coffee, and working on the blocking for the show or grading a stack of paper appeals.  But...what am I doing?

Our Education Pathway leader has set up a meeting for me to attend.  I am meeting an education professor to discuss the articulation of our teaching pathway so that completers of our three year program will earn an education college credit if they attend University after they graduate.  We already have an articulated agreement with another University, but this one is closer to home.

So picture me: tons of papers to grade and a show to block, meeting with someone in U world who is probably irritated to death to be meeting with a high school teacher.  Good times.

I'd complain, but...

I'm spending the evening babysitting the Bug.  Her mom has Homecoming to sponsor.  Her dad is antelope hunting with his dad.  And Papa is on the radio covering a local football game, so Buggy and I are having a girl's night.  

Yeah, I'm looking forward to 3:30.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening! Have fun! BJB

joyce said...

Sounds like nights with the Bug make up for a lot!