Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

My costume?  I think it is frazzled director.  My lunch hour will be spent painting set pieces and setting the stage for a 3:45 rehearsal.  Since the little ones are at this rehearsal, the goal is to get them in, run their part, and send them off to Trick or Treat.  The high school kids will work for an hour or two longer, then they have other Halloween "obligations."  (And I use that term loosely.)

And hopefully, I can be doting Nana after 6:00 or so.  There is a little skunk (have to do that costume when they are too little to rebel) that needs to see her Nana!  Well, I know her Nana needs to see her.

Here's to a sweeter day for all of us--lots of treats and no tricks!

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