Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rivalry Week

This is rivalry week at Tiny Town High.  Our rivalry is the oldest high school football rivalry west of the Mississippi.  We've been playing each other since 1892.  Whew!

Our schools are only 12 miles apart.  These days, cameras and police patrols nip a lot of foolishness in the bud.

That's not a bad thing.

Between outhouses and pianos going back and forth, goal posts getting pulled down, diesel fueled football fields, and lots of spray paint--we've seen our share of orneriness in years gone by.  (The dead cow that ended up in the rival school's parking lot kind of put the whammy on "fun." The police were not amused.)  I had a classroom window get shot with a BB gun one year.

Yeah, it was time for the craziness to stop.

As the coach I live with liked to say, "Let's keep the rivalry on the field, boys." 

Besides the big game, there is also a Penny Wars competition between schools.  This year we are taking donations for a rival school student with cancer.  It isn't unusual for the opposing school to win with the biggest donation for the rival school's student.  Hopefully, the student is always the winner in the whole thing.  (The year of the tornado, the penny wars went to benefit our school.)

Once upon a time, this might have been the week when another teacher and I ended up dyeing out hair blonde because Tiny Town High won by such a large margin.  That's a story for another day.  And it isn't a pretty one!

It's a fun week for two rival schools.  We have a lot of history.


Anonymous said...

Have a fun week! I remember when J was a senior. Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Still makes me shake my head. Sigh. Good times!

Life in a Small Town said...

Sounds like the rivalry with our rival. The school is about 5 miles away from small town high. They've started playing the 1st game of the season to tone everything down, and it's worked. Egg fights, painting the bridge, guarding our duck pond so the other side wouldn't sneak a rebel flag in the middle of it...what memories! :)

Casie said...

Best part of football season! :) Pretty sure I was part of the class with the dead cow. Yeah us. (said sarcastically) we were SO cool! LOL --- Oh highschool how I do not miss you at all! ;P

Shannon Krueger said...

Oh memories! I had completely forgotten the penny wars. I miss all the fun things and being with our cheer girls! Lucky for us we had a great coach! ;)

Brandi said...

Ahhh the cow...I remember outhouses going back and forth and finding some chickens in the halls when I was in school. I am actually in charge of Penny Wars for "rival school." :) it is great that we can take the rivalry and work together for a good cause. I am proud to be part of such a long standing tradition, and all of the fun memories and rival friends I have made along the way! However, I don't think I will dye my hair blonde!! I am not that brave!

joyce said...

The importance of football in the States that we see in movies comes to life in your blogs! And, a little policing is a good thing, so long as your tinytown cops have a sense of humour about them.

Heidi said...

Of course I want to hear the dying your hair Blonde story! Tell it!

Anonymous said...
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