Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Blessings

Tiny Town won the rival game, and our favorite U town team won a big game, too!

A rainy trip on Saturday to visit L and do a little shopping.

The end of the nine weeks and a huge dent in the grading.  (Though I will be working right up until grades are due!)

A family reunion at my favorite lake with some of my CraZy cousins. 

This was the view from the car on a rainy fall Saturday trip. 

Warning ahead:  we are having a beautiful fall, and I am headed for my favorite lake. 

Yep.  Expect to see pictures.  Possibly a lot of pictures.

1 comment:

Cousins said...

Wish I could be there....BUT since you said you would be seeing CrAzY family.........I guess that means I'm NOT one of the CrAzYs!!! Have a GRAND day!!! Love you My CrAzY CoUsIn!!! Ree