Friday, November 23, 2012


K and I ran out and did a bit of black Friday shopping on Thursday night.  And I use the term "ran" loosely.

We left the house at 8:15 and were home by midnight.  We both found the major purchases we were looking for.  Lines were long, but stores were organized, and people in line were friendly.  We both got some great deals.

No. The ridiculous part is that I was operating at half speed.  (Running wasn't even a possibility!)  Yesterday afternoon, I was looking at a bird and missed a step.  My ankle is swollen huge and walking is slow.  I even jammed my finger and wrist when I went down. Lovely.  Just lovely.

So not only were the nuts out Black Friday shopping on Thursday night, one of them was moving slowly and taking it pretty easy.  K located the deals and made sure I didn't have to walk any further than necessary.  Of course, she was helping me shop for her birthday gift, and that color Nook never would have happened without a half price sale.

Yes, it was ridiculous, but it was also pretty fun.  I'm taking it easy today; the ice bag is my friend.  I've got to be ready for the family dinner this afternoon.   Small spaces, lots of people, and not much walking--the family dinner should be easy to navigate!  

Let's just hope I am back on my feet at full speed soon!

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