Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Blessings 2012

*Wearing jeans today.
*A wonderful thank you card for the fall musical from my Superintendent.
*Buggy hugs and kisses.
*Uninterrupted sleep.
*A clean room at school again--only took a full week after the show.
*New boots purchased on Girls Weekend.
*The Mr. making coffee every morning to jump start my day.
*Extended family coming to Tiny Town for Thanksgiving Dinner
*Little Big Brother and SIL sharing the hosting of Thanksgiving Dinner--with the bulk of the meal at their house.
*Beautiful temperatures and sunshine.
*A funny "just because" card from CraZy Cousin Ree.
*Show photos courtesy of high school journalists. (They took over 1000 photos!)

Someone giving Tiny Town High a bolt of gold satin fabric after the tornado.  (Did I know this when I chose "Beauty and the Beast?"  Not a clue.  But, boy did it come in handy!)
A great cast of almost 60 (including 22 little ones), wonderful set and crew, hardworking costumer, terrific lighting director, and many sponsors who stepped forward to make the show possible.  Above all, an amazing assistant director and a lot of help from Little Big Brother.  And the best part...

I finally quit dreaming about the show over the weekend.  I've quit waking up in a panic! (And yes, I am still humming the tunes!)

Looking forward to a five day weekend here on Easy Street. 


Scriptor Senex said...

Looks like a real show stopper of a show! Now you can relax (and glory in the success).
Sometimes it's the 'simple things' we need to remember to be thankful for - like your coffee, card and sleep. I must do a blog posting on that sometime.

Amy said...

You got to wear jeans today?! No fair!!