Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

In the midst of my chaotic end of the day on Friday, a young man walked into my room in his army fatigues.  I almost didn't recognize him.  I hadn't seen this former student in two years, but was quite glad to give him a hug and admire the young man he had become.  The saggy pants and shaggy hair were gone.  The carefree and sometimes a bit careless student was replaced by a man who takes his responsibility seriously.  He's grown up.  

And he gave me this coin--just a little something to remember him by.  He's changed from the teaching student of the "I-see-Mr.-Josh's-underwear" variety to a soldier I am quite proud to say is representing my country.  He's not a veteran yet, but it is easy to look at the veterans of past service and see that each one of them was once a young man like Mr. Josh.  They were willing to put futures on hold because they were dedicated and proud to serve the U.S. of A.  And somewhere in the world, they had family and proud teachers who always thought of them as "their kid."  

Happy Veteran's Day to our Vets and also to our soldiers who will one day be vets. 

So...I'm back!  The show stories can wait until tomorrow.  Today, I pause to salute our military men:  Mr. Josh, Nephew Hank, and many, many other family members and former students who serve our country.  

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