Monday, December 10, 2012

December by the Numbers

10-  School days left in this semester.

2-  Days of Block Scheduling for hour and a half long finals.  (Also included in that 10)

9-  Number of stockings to fill this year

1- "Record a Christmas Book" Nana needs to record for the Bug

0- Inches of snow they are predicting between now and Christmas  *sadness

400+  Hours of football I will be watching in the coming weeks (Bowl games + NFL)  *sigh

3-  Hours of football bowl games I am actually interested in

78- Tests I will need to grade prior to finals

88-  Finals to grade

50-  Hours of Christmas movies and specials I plan to torture the Mr. with-- fair is fair!

2-  Secret Santa gifts I need to buy--one for a colleague and one for a Beta sister

1- Christmas Concert to attend

I'm not even going to predict the hours I need to spend cleaning and baking.  (Though this time of year, I kind of like those chores!)

December is always a busy month.  School and motherhood seem to collide.  I suppose putting ungraded papers into stockings isn't what the family is dreaming of this Christmas.  Darn it! 

I'm thinking I could use a snow day.  Come on, weather man!

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Life in a Small Town said...

Keep calm & Pray for Snow! :)