Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December

I ended November with an awful cold that turned into a wretched earache.  When I couldn't get in to the doctor, I found last year's (or was that 2 years ago?) medicine.  I am much better this morning, though I'm not sure I am up to the U town football game.  I'll make that decision later today.

November ended tragically for a number of my students and former students:  a car accident that killed a father and another that killed a big sister, a student's two year old who started chemotherapy, and another whose little sister, niece, and sister's boyfriend were in a private plane that still hasn't been found.  They've been waiting since last Sunday.  Search parties are covering Utah and Wyoming hunting for them.  *sigh*  (Prayers for Trista, Matt, and little ShyAnn-- may they be found soon!  And prayers for Meridith and her family who are waiting and have to be so anxious, frustrated, and sad.) 

Today, I'm concentrating on what I love about December: 

*A lit Christmas tree
*Christmas stockings
*Snowmen glasses and mugs that I inherited
*Our yule log/advent candle
*Nativity scenes indoors and out
*Iced sugar cookies
*Peppermint mocha coffee creamer
*Mom's Swedish Tea Rings
*The smell of pine
*Candle light
*Christmas music
*Sleds and skates
*Jingle bells
*Christmas shows and movies
*Santa Claus visits
*Trips to look at the lights
*Snow globes

Happy December 1st!  Wishing us all a wonderful December, and let the Light shine in and shine on us all!

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Cousins said... forgot peppernuts! CrAzY I say.....just CrAzy!