Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Randomness Time Again

More of all the things you probably don't need to know:

*My favorite nail color is 'Tantalize Me'-- a pinkish purple color.  Latest choice?  Sparkly Red.  Festive, but sooo not me.

*When my throat is sore, all I want is something hot:  coffee, cider, tea, orange juice, lemonade, cranberry juice-- you name it.  Hot drinks soothe.

*I hate when the lights on the Christmas tree aren't plugged in.  Nothing sadder than an unlit tree.  I need to dig out the timers.

*A favorite Christmas memory is of the Mr. and my first Christmas Eve after we married.  He talked my mom into a family caroling party.  We jumped in cars, took plates of candy, and sang for the neighbors (and I use that term loosely--some were 10 -12 miles away).  We sang for Grandma and Grandad, the Mr.'s folks, and other neighbors around the farm.  The one house I'll never forget was an old bachelor farmer the brothers hauled hay for.  He said he thought everyone had forgotten him.  He wasn't the only one wiping tears when we finished singing.

*I draw squares in my gradebook when students are absent.  That way, when they complete an assignment they missed, I can still add their score inside the box. I thought everyone did this, until I saw ab (for absent) written in the square in gradebooks.  Who knew!  (And where the heck do they write the scores of make-up work?)

*I don't have to keep a paper gradebook since the electronic gradebooks; however, the server has crashed twice, and teachers with electronic gradebooks only had no grades.  ("Estimate what your grade was in class before the server crashed."  Yeah, right!  I'm sure everyone was 100% honest on that one!)  I'm still a fan of hard copies, so I keep two gradebooks.

*Have you tried the peppermint Ghirardelli bark or the Hershey's peppermint kisses??  To die for!  (I refuse to buy them until the weekend before Christmas.)

*I have a hard time getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning.  I imagine I am not alone.

*It helps me leave that warm bed if I smell coffee brewing.  Thank goodness for the Mr. and his coffee making skills.

*Buggie is obsessed with my Christmas music box.  I love watching her play with it.  She is so curious.
*I'm babysitting after school today.  Yea for Mommy working late!

*Happy Birthday, niece Carrie and colleague Becky!  And Happy Anniversary to Dad and B!  Yes, this might just be your cards!!  (Wait until the Christmas "Cards" go out!)

And a Happy Random Tuesday, it is!

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Life in a Small Town said...

What joy y'all brought to you neighbor who thought everybody had forgotten about him!
That picture of Ms. Bug is just too cute! I just want to pinch her little cheeks! :)