Thursday, December 27, 2012

This Grandmothering Business

Nana, Nana, Nana!  I love that little voice calling for me, and the arms reaching for me.  (Granted, she usually wants my phone to see videos of herself, but still...!)

Her love of seeing herself on camera cracks me up.  (And is a great distraction when she is tired or bored.  I think this one is from church. She's quite the poser.)

I'm not sure about that face, but it amuses her!

Most of our pictures together are taken with her gazing at herself on my iPhone, but on Christmas Eve someone got a couple of shots of us together.  We have a mutual admiration society of two.  And I'm so glad.  She is funny and fun and just the best!  (She doesn't mind me too much either.)

Yep, being a Nana is just like being a mom-- only with more sleep and less work.  And I think I love it!


Cousins said...

I LOVE you BOTH! Lane Sue fits right into our CrAzY family huh?!

Beth said...

I love these! I wish someone would capture moments like that between me and a grandchild--these are priceless!

holybovine said...

Catching up a bit! Love the photos of you and your granddaughtger. Too sweet!