Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas the Day After Christmas

And some of us are exhausted!

Let's see, there was cooking, cookie icing, gingerbread house building, more cooking, washing dishes every time we turned around, church services, presents, and lots of playing with the Little Bug.

Cookie icing and Gingerbread houses were with L's friend, CB, and his two girls.
 First cookie icing experience began tentatively but ended heavy on the sprinkles.
 Daddy CB to the rescue on building construction.
This was an "all hand's on deck" project.
And I think it was a first for all of us but L, who had last built
gingerbread houses when she was a 1st grader.

There were pretty dresses for church...

and some family pictures.
After Christmas Eve Services, K, CT, and the Bug went home
to wait for Santa to arrive.

On Christmas morning, we reunited for presents and breakfast.  
It was a "come as you are" breakfast, so PJ's were the theme of the morning.
You have to love little ones at Christmas--tons of new presents, and Nana's old Nook and Baxter's leash were still the tops in entertainment. 

Oh, and Auntie L ranks up there, too.
Christmas 2012 Album.  

Now if we were in London with Little Big Brother, today would be Boxing Day.  (Like our Black Friday after Thanksgiving?)  Since we're in Tiny Town and we like to do things our own way on Easy Street, we're naming this Bagging Day.  (As in Trash Bagging.  There are several awaiting disposal.)  Though shopping the after Christmas bargains will be high on some people's list-- I can't really face another store right now.  Give me a favorite old book or two and a cup of coffee, and I'll be happy to stay home in this frigid weather! 

Happy Bagging Day from Easy Street!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your Christmas looks and sounds like it was very sweet indeed.

Happy Bagging Day ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Happy Bagging day to you also......I had BAGS under my eyes as I headed up the highway to WORK!!!! Looks like your house was full of love and laughs! Merry Christmas ~ hugs from J & V