Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to work

Break 2012-2013 is a memory.  I'm heading back to the trenches this morning. (OK.  Calling it "work in the trenches" might be a warning signal for a change in attitude!)

I'm sure it will be fine when I get there.  Right now, it is just the idea of break being over and turning my time and attention back to the classroom.  Sometimes it seems like teaching is a 24/7 job.  I envy those people who can walk out the door at 4 or 5 and leave the work world behind.

In the meantime...this is what I am going to be missing:

The Bug
Baxter the lap dog- such a snuggler over break
Time with family
Cold walks with Bax
Not showering until afternoon
Comfy warm socks and no shoes
Slow mornings--breakfast at 10:30
Late nights of reading
Morning news shows
Yoga pants and long underwear tops
Time for taking pictures
No makeup
No agenda
The pace
And did I mention the Snuggle Bug?  *sigh

We had such a nice break.  We built gingerbread houses and played in the snow. I had tea with the SIL.  I napped and read, and I even cooked.

Do you see that picture in the middle of the bottom row?  It even made it on a local television station a couple of times when they showed their "photo of the day" for weather.

And now it is back to school:  teenagers, grading, early morning alarms, State testing, red ink pens, research papers, directing show #2 of the year, grading, grading, grading...and throw in a little teenage drama for good measure. 

Yep, break is over.  (And the attitude adjustment starts at 8:18.)


Beth said...

I hear you! We got an ice and extremely low temps day yesterday---there was snow, but it's the ice and frigid temps that make our back roads too treacherous to risk busloads of students.
But today it's back to "work in the trenches" as you aptly called it.
I'm curious to see how many actually read the first 3 chapter of TKMB (To Kill a Mockingbird). As I didn't grade their intro assignments over break, I will go easy on them and give them today to catch up. No quiz as warned---I guess the Christmas spirit is still alive and well in me!
Oh and we are on 2 hr. delay due to frigid temps, so classes will be short--just long enough to reintroduce them to this concept called school!
So cool the bug and baxter pic made the papers--it was quite deserving!:>)

Beth said...

Ooops--I meant tv station! Even better than the newspaper!

joyce said...

Love the Bug and the dog on the news we used to call the daily pics Wayne's Weather Window, but since Wayne retired last week, it's now just the Weather Window. Back to the grind, methinks you do enjoy that grind just a little!

Jenny Woolf said...

I hope the shock has worn off by now. I have always felt that teaching must be one of the most emotionally demanding jobs, and I'm not surprised it is somewhat hard to take up the reins once more after a break. But of course it is so worthwhile too and I am sure you will soon be back in the swing of things. I hope 2013 is good to you and yours.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love your photo collage. It is a nice little glimpse into your happy life.