Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday Girl

Today is L's 30th birthday.  And it doesn't seem possible.  My baby is 30! 

How the heck did that happen? 

I predict an exciting year ahead for L.  She will be working on her house, enjoying her kindergartners...and getting married!!

We are celebrating tomorrow in Big City.  I know she will glad to be see us, but somehow I think the only person that HAS to be in attendance for her party is the little Lady Bug.  Those two are crazy about each other. 

Happy Birthday, L!  Hope the year ahead is wonderful....and may you always know how loved you are!


Anonymous said...

Where have these 30 years gone? I don't feel any older than I did when J was born. OK, maybe a few aches. BJB

Life in a Small Town said...

Happy birthday to L! Have a good time!

Scriptor Senex said...

And a happy bitthday from across the pond. I can't see her ever doubting how much you love her.