Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Saturday

I might be worn out from taking care of a sick Bug yesterday.  (Even sick, she moves too darn fast!)  Her usual pursuits didn't interest her in the least.  Nana CoCo has to dig out the next stage of toys.  Baby days are about over.

Truthfully, I knew she was sick when she didn't want to watch the slideshow of herself; however, not unlike my teenagers at school, she thoroughly enjoyed the YouTube video of the baby laughing hysterically at paper ripping.  (OK.  I might have been desperate!) Poor strange child!
Favorite toy of the day:  Nana's Nook

This morning, I am taking it easy-- with plans to go to U town this afternoon.  The Mr. is at work.  I thought he might want to go with me to U town tonight, but he assured me that he did not.  It's just as well.  I enjoy shopping by myself when I'm on my own timeline.  I hate making other people wait on me when I need to look, but I like being in and out quickly if I can- and find it hard to look like I'm shopping when I'm not.

Shopping has never been really high on my list of things to do-except for bookstores.  I can look, sit and read, and look some more.  Have I mentioned that it is embarrassing shopping at a bookstore with the Mr.?  He reads, but he doesn't love it like I do.  Mostly, he grabs a magazine, sits in a comfy chair, falls sound asleep, and snores.  *sigh*  I usually rush him out of there pretty quickly.  

Today promises to be a beautiful day.  I plan to get out and enjoy a bit of this sunshine!  (If we're not going to get rain or snow, we might as well have warmer temperatures and sunshine!)

Happy Saturday!

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