Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking It Easy

A slumber party was held on Easy Street last night.  And I wasn't even there!

Baxter had a visit from the Bug, Mommy K, and Auntie L.  They played with Baxter, spent the night, and tried not to miss Daddy CT, too much. 

Me?  I'm in a hotel room.  Mr. has an RV show, and I am bumming.  A couple of Easy Street readers suggested that I take it easy.  And after the week with sophomores and research papers, I thought it sounded like  a plan!  (Especially, since show #2 begins this coming week.) 

This afternoon, I am meeting the Mr.'s cousins for an afternoon of shopping, "Hyde Park on Hudson," and dinner.  Those two are my annual treat to myself.  They are so intelligent, funny, and sarcastic.  And they love reading, wine, and dogs.  We speak a common language! 

In the meantime, Baxter is to be charming sweet SIL who is going to walk and feed him until I return tomorrow.  Let's hope he behaves himself and does his job.  (He has always loved SIL.  Her's is the lap of preference!)

Well, I feel a book calling me.  Back to taking it Easy--even if I'm not on Easy Street.

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Beth said...

A superb way to wrap up a week with sophomores and their reactions to research papers.