Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome to Friday

The end of the longest week in history.  Hands down.


Let's see...

#1-  K, CT, and the Bug all got the flu.  Bug is finally back to normal.  Mommy and Daddy are getting there.

#2-  Sophomores and research papers.  Conversations go something like this...
       *What is an outline?  You're kidding right?  Turns out that they weren't.  argh!

       *Can I just put quote marks around the entire paper and cite it?  It won't be plagiarism then.  It won't be your paper either.  

       *Here are my sources:  Book- "Steve Jobs"  Database- "Steve Jobs"  Website- "Steve Jobs."  Really?  That's the title of all of them?  No.  He just decided to shorten them up.  Lovely.

       *Are you going to be here after school?  I'd like to do this paper all in one day and be done.  (This was on the 2nd day.)  You've got 20 minutes. Darn it.  He thought he probably needed an hour.  (Obviously, he's going for quality.)

       *This looks like a lot of work.  Can we do something else?  (No words, but I almost rolled my eyes like a 16 year old.)

#3-  The Mr. gets home at 10:30 at night.  Baxter and I hang out, but I've been going to bed at 9:00.  Less than exciting evenings.

#4-  I posted audition information for the spring show, which means sets, costumes, and other details have to be worked out.

OK.  It is finally Friday.  There is a weekend not far behind. Thank you, God!


margie said...

Treat yourself to a big dose of nothing! Sometimes nothing is the perfect antidote.

Princess Kate said...

I totally agree. Sometimes "nothing" is the best medicine. Hope you have a great weekend.

Beth said...

May I share these with my fellow English teacher who has the sophomores? These are classic!

Every Monday I have DRD--Designated Reading Day. They have to read a book or approved magazine (I supply them) for 25 minutes (timer used) and then write 10 sentences about what they wrote. They keep these summaries in their journal notebook. Since I nixed book reports, more students will read.
But I wanted some kind of accountability---I thought 10 sentences was more than fair.

Now every Monday, from at least one student in at least one class: "Can we just not write? I don't mind the reading part; I just hate to write."
Just let us read today; the writing is so unnecessary and so boring." (These are just samples of the comments.)

On the day back from break when we were on a 2 hr. delay due to weather conditions, I gave them a New Year's present of just reading. That lasted for only 2 classes because--and I know you've already guessed it---1/2 of the class didn't read. Several students didn't even try to fake read --they just sat there with book closed, staring ahead!

By the 3rd class, we were back to the writing accountability requirement.;>)