Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Know It's A Bad Day When...

...the coffee pot breaks.  (Could.not.believe.it.!)

...you finish all the grading, enter the last grade in the grade book, and then pick up the 75 research papers that just came in.  *sigh

...the auditorium was in use, so we had play practice in a gym with the acoustics of a barn.

The day would have been a complete bust, but...

...the Mr. bought me a cup of coffee this before I left for school and had a new coffee pot waiting for me when I got home from play practice.  He is the bomb!

...I only had two kids absent on the day papers were due, and one of them had turned his in on Friday.  Normally, on research paper due day, my absentee list is long.  Most kids had their papers ready to turn in.  Yea for the sophomores!

...Little Big Brother was at rehearsal to work with my Stage Manager for "Our Town."  The other kids in attendance ran blocking (well, as best we could) and worked on memorizing lines.  It was actually a pretty good play practice, in spite of the "barn" acoustics.

Bring on Tuesday.  I'm ready for it! 

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