Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Week of Vegan

OK.  Four days don't really make a week, but it's a start.  (I just started on Wednesday.)

I've had salads and oatmeal and soup.  (The soup was courtesy of Little Big Brother.  They send leftovers with their dinner guests!)  I might have had whole grain cereal with almond milk for supper on play rehearsal night. I was desperate!  So far, I've mainly eaten a lot of vegetables, fruit, natural peanut butter, nuts and dried fruit.  Oh, and hummus and beans.  Can't forget the beans.

Last night, I went off Vegan and had a hamburger with the Mr.  (Also, a couple of small chocolates that the Lady Bug gave me on Valentine's Day.)

This weekend, I am cooking meals to be used for lunches this week and evening meals on rehearsal and Parent/Teacher conference nights.  Yes, I'm cooking, and it isn't even a holiday!

The yumminess from today is courtesy of a Vegan cousin:  Tunisian Vegetable Stew.  This recipe might convert the Mr.!  

So what have I learned about being a Vegan?  Plan, plan, plan.

Best find:  Ukranian bread made by historic town grocery store.  (OK.  There is one ingredient that isn't Vegan:  Honey. But, it was hard to resist the sunflower seeds, cracked wheat, barley flakes, soy oil, corn flour, rye, barley, oats, millet, and flaxseed.)

Favorite breakfast:  oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a bit of brown sugar all stirred in.

Spice combination that I now love:  turmeric and coriander seed.

Least favorite part:  stirring the peanut butter, since the oil separates in natural peanut butter.

So far:  it has been really easy,  I haven't starved.

The hardest part:  I gave up Diet Pepsi, too.  Oh, Diet Pepsi, I think I miss you most of all!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed lunch today with "Vegan Cousin" who served up her prize winning vegan chili ~ AWESOME goodness ~ with salad and cornbread made with flax seed! All yummy!

joyce said...

the breakfast sounds really good, minus the peanut butter cause I'm allergic. Good for you for sticking to it!

Cousins said...

WHO is this said Vegan Cousin you speak of? Love you CrAzY cousin of mine!

A said...

I have found organic/natural peanut butter that doesn't separate... But I can't think of the name. The other option us making some from scratch. Our grocery stores here have machines that make fresh pb and the pb doesn't separate...