Monday, February 18, 2013

Buggy Fun

Someone came to breakfast on Saturday morning.  She got to go to Casey's in her PJ's and pick out a doughnut, then she brought the doughnut to Nana's to eat.  (I'm pretty sure Baxter got several mouthfuls.  Buggy loves to share, and Baxter is her biggest fan!)
She was so funny...and quite busy.  Yes, that is the home phone, and she thinks she is texting on it.  Little nut.  

Her mama and I both have Inservice today but Auntie L is off, so she came to Tiny Town to be the Bug's babysitter.  (The regular babysitter is taking the day off to take her daughter to a college visitation.)   They should have a great time playing.  Auntie L better put her running shoes on; that girl is active!  

This is a cRaZy week.  The only full day of school for kids is Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday are early release at 1:00, because we have Parent/Teacher conferences from 4-7:30.  Everyone is off on Friday.  Well, everyone except for the play cast and me.  I can only cram in two practices this week:  Monday night and Friday morning on our day off.  That's it.  

And guess what!  The same thing will be true next week-- only time for two practices.  These are scary times for this director.  

Maybe I can find a pair of red polka dot footie pajamas and life will be a lot more fun.  Though, doughnuts aren't on the Vegan meal plan and I think my principal might frown on footie pajamas at Inservice.  

But a girl can always wish. 

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Life in a Small Town said...

That little Bug is just getting cuter & cuter...if that's possible! Time without the kids is almost like a day off, right? :)