Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grading Hell

Yesterday, I spent eight hours grading research papers.  The Mr. went to work and dropped me off at school on his way.  He picked me up for a 30 minute lunch and returned me for the afternoon.  Then he picked me up on his way home.  *sigh

Today, I am skipping church to grade for another round.  The Mr. works part-time at a little store that opened in Tiny Town a couple months ago.  He leaves for work at 4:30 AM, and I am going to school when he goes to work. I figure I will be wiped out by noon--which is almost another eight hour session.  (He should be done by 9:30 or so.)

I told my students on Friday that I was skipping church to grade their research papers--and when I go to hell they need to come to my defense and say, "She was grading our papers!"  They were amused. 

And then when I figured out that I still won't be quite finished, even after a marathon grading weekend...

I realized...

 I really am in grading hell. 

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Beth said...

My heart is palpitating because I took the weekend off. It was my 59th bday and I took a break from everything but a little laundry, a trip to the drugstore to stock up, and a few bills that needed paid.
I read a novel and now I'm having a slight anxiety attack--am praying my way into the week.
I dread the 4th 9 wks in spring when my juniors do research papers. My fibro will not allow me to sit and grade for 8 hours--the body screams and the fibro fog shuts down my mind. You're fortunate you can sit that long although I know you are weary.
I am setting up a meeting with STRS to investigate retiring at age 60 and 17 years. My spirit wants to keep teaching, but my body is saying no.