Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Daze

My crazy week really came through--in spades.  (Spades of snow that is.)

Parent/Teacher conferences were canceled; school was canceled, and play rehearsal was canceled.  (That last one is killing me. We only had one rehearsal this week!)

The Mr.'s RV place closed today; something I don't ever remember happening--even when they didn't have electricity during the ice storms a few years back.

In spite of my play jitters, I am not totally freaking out.  It will be fine.  It will be fine.  It will be fine. (I just keep repeating that.)

I don't have any major papers to grade, so these snow days are going to be about reading and watching movies and relaxing.  Maybe I need that.  Oh, and wine.  I have wine!

The snow is piling up.  We're supposed to have a foot of the white stuff. (Though an early prediction showed 30 inches, it doesn't look like it will be quite that extreme!)

Nature's way of slowing us all down.

1 comment:

Cousins said...

Those weather men ALWAYS tease us....30 inches would be WONDERFUL don't ya think??? Stay warm my CrAzT cousin! Love ya,Ree