Saturday, February 2, 2013


Sore throat.  Cough.  Runny nose.  Hack. Hack. Ahem. 

The cold is back. 

I think I have had about three days since Thanksgiving where I didn't have cold symptoms. 

Two doctor visits.  Antibiotics.  Codeine cough syrup. At least 5 boxes of Kleenex.

I can't even say the words I really want to say.  Most of them are four letter and not blog appropriate. 

Seriously, I kind of feel like smacking something.  Only...

I don't have the energy. 



Kim said...

I hope you're able to just rest this weekend and try to get over the bug. Illnesses have been tough to shake this winter. Feel better soon!

Scriptor Senex said...

Gosh. And I was feeling aorry for myself feeling unell for a couple of weeks. That's an awful long time to have had a bug and to have felt run down / poorly.
You have probably had all sorts of advice and are sick of it but I'll share mine any way just in case it helps. I dose myself with vitamin C - two or three of those 1000mg fizzy tablets in fruit flavours each day - and take lots of garlic capsules. It may be just me it works for but a cold rarely develops properly if I do that at the start.

joyce said...

it's been a nasty one hasn't it??