Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Cure For the Grumps

We've all been a bit gumpy on Easy Street.  The weather isn't allowing us to be outside as much as we'd like, so it doesn't feel as much like Spring Break. 

The most grumpy award goes to... the Lady Bug.  She has been a bit bored with no other kids to play with, so Momma K made a spur of the moment decision yesterday to load her up for a day trip.  Nana was ready to join the impromptu excursion to the Kid's Discovery Center. 

And...the grumpiness vanished with all the things to do.

Scooping, painting, scarves and balls flying through wind tunnels, and so many fun things to discover.
She loved the magnet area, prying them apart and then slapping them back together again.  

This center has a wonderful outdoor area.  We went out for awhile, but in the words of the Bug-- "Cold!"  
They had hanging bridges, balance beams, a tree house and slide, pipe chimes, and then this barrel drum that needed some pounding.

We ended in the black light room.
Velcro walls, florescent shapes and letters, and black lights to make it extra fun.  

After a trip for lunch and then some popcorn, the grumpiness was gone.  In fact, we didn't even make it out of town before this was the scene--and that made her mommy a whole lot less grumpy.  
We have plans for Day Trip #2 tomorrow.  

So for today, laundry and reading are on schedule.  I've finished a bit of lighter reading--A Bridesmaid Lotto series.  Now, I'm reading Sense and Sensibility.  I can't start summer reading completely.  

And just so I don't waste my entire break, I think I am going to teach myself to darn socks.  All of my favorite socks have holes in them, and some of them have hardly been worn.  Mom used to darn socks with a light bulb for her "mushroom."  Anyway, I'm not sure how I got to age 55 without knowing how to fix a hole in a sock, but I'd say it is time.

So that is the cure for grumpiness these days:  naps, trips with fun things to do, reading, and learning something new.  Oh, and if we can sneak off for a pedicure--so much the better! 

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Now that looks like fun, and the Bug wore herself out from so much entertainment.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady