Monday, March 4, 2013

Testing and the Show In the Same Week

This whole week feels like one big test. 

1.  The sophomores take the State Reading test on Tuesday and Wednesday.  As per usual, I am praying!

2.  The show is on Friday and Saturday.  Just typing that makes me nervous.  Tonight, we add lights and attempt to improve on costumes and sound.  (There is plenty of room for improvement.)  Actually, tonight I would be thrilled if the actors knew their lines, their blocking, and their characterization!  I'd also be thrilled if the people on sound hit their mic and sound cues.  I am still finishing off a few set things for the final act.  Today, the lighting designer will be spending her day setting the lighting and light cues.  There is a lot to do.

To top it off:  tomorrow, we don't have rehearsal.  There is a district band concert in the auditorium.  Soooo...

We have tonight and Wednesday night before the parents come in for Parent Picture night on Thursday.

The test?  Is everybody (anybody?) ready?  I certainly hope so.  Right now, I wouldn't bet the farm on it.


Kim said...

Wishing you well during this ultra-busy week! Just think how good you'll feel when you get past it. (Deep breath!)

Beth said...

I loved/hated the last countdown days to the play. Nerve wracking yet exhilerating. I envy you being able to do it. Make sure to stop and laugh occassionally--works wonders on the nerves and on teacher/student relationships!
Our tests are next week, but I have freshmen, so the main heat is on the other teacher.